My News 3 Editorial

African Americans are often stereotyped and typecast as a people, political party and culture. Most of the perceptions are self inflicted prejudices that we perpetuate from conditioning. The media often builds the characterization of African Americans in a light that is displeasing to many.

My hope is that these editorials will enlighten everyone from one man’s opinion on the African American thoughts, habits and cultural changes over the years. It’s ok if you disagree. Healthy dialogue is something that African Americans need to engage in as well.

God bless 

The African American Perspective by Shaundell Newsome features commentary on a variety of topics that impact the rich culture.  These views are a tribute to Bobby Newsome, Shaundell’s father who passed away in 2009.  Bobby purchased a set of Black History encyclopedias for his children to help them learn what the American History books have left out.  A young Shaundell read famous African American poet Langston Hughes’ depiction of Black life.  Later he would read books like Before the Mayflower and Papers in African Psychology to build on his father’s library.

Editorials by Mr. Newsome will air on April 27th, May 3rd, May 9th, May 15th, May 21st, May 27th and June 9thAfrican American Perspective by Shaundell Newsome will be aired on MyNews3, local Las Vegas at 6:00 p.m. on the listed dates.

The Real African American:  To Thine Ownself Be True.

Shakespeare’s message sounds simple.  But for African Americans this can be a huge challenge.  Find out why.  Shaundell Newsome will give you his perspective from an African American point of view.

Black Elected Officials.  What is our/their role?

The euphoria of our first African American President of United States, Barack Obama being elected is starting to wane.  Nevada has its first African American representative of any kind in Washington D.C. with Congressman Steven Horsford.  What is their responsibility to Black America?  What is Black America’s responsibility to Black Elected Officials?

Accidental Racist; The Controversy of a Country Rap Song featuring LL Cool J

Country artist Brad Paisley and Rap Legend LL Cool J collaborated on Paisley’s Country Rap song Accidental Racist.  The lyrics have rubbed some people the wrong way.  The confederate flag vs. sagging pants is the debate.  Shaundell has strong views about both.  Learn what subject he “hates.”

Why do Black Organizations still exist?

African American non-profit social organizations were formed to eradicate racial inequalities and disparities.  It appears that most civil rights issues have been resolved over the years.  Or have they?  Newsome talks about a few Black Organizations and their purpose.

The views expressed by Shaundell Newsome do not reflect the views of KVBC News 3, Sumnu Marketing or any other organization that Mr. Newsome is associated with.  These are his personal opinions based on his experiences.